What’s in it for you

The design of the concept is as transparent and flexible as it’s unique: your partnership will always be limited to the events of your choice and has to be booked individually. That way, we can guarantee our partners maximum value at minimum efforts and, even more importantly, at minimum cost.


As our partner you will generally benefit from


- the unique atmosphere and ingenuity of the premises

- an ‘open’ meeting space with all kinds of A/V solutions

- a reliable Wi-Fi connection

- various networking opportunities for business partners or customers

- representation of your organization through our well-working social media channels

- display of a short company video online and onsite

- high class catering and drinks, perfectly adapted to the according venues and surroundings

- your very own FOG guest management platform supported by Guest-One


either at our FOG appearances onsite or online, respectively prior and after the event.


We will work diligently together with our partners to make each and every one of them get the best possible result from being a Friends of the Games.


To do so and to be able to push the concept forward for it to become a sustainable mouthpiece for all our businesses at major events around the globe we look forward to welcoming YOU as well.


What’s left to say

Nothing really. It’s your turn to take action! Make use of this fabulous opportunity to represent your business, benefit from all the advantages and network the best way possible Should you be interested to receive more information about Friend of the Games or would like to become a part of this unique concept at any future FOG event please contact us via info@friendsofthegames.com


See you soon!





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