The concept

Friends of the Games is a fast-growing business community, a networking platform for sports enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to present their businesses at major events of all kinds. As a place to forge partnerships, create synergies or simply have stimulating dialogue, it has evolved into a true hub of community marketing and B2B networking in the sports and event business.


Every Friends of the Games appearance is uniquely designed for our partners to connect and exchange their visions while enjoying the amenities of a superb location with fantastic food and drinks.


So far, the concept has taken the form of a Friends of the Games Lounge, as one-day-only Friends of the Games Night or an event within another event – but the options and ideas for the future are as numerous as they are scalable. Take a closer look at the Website, as well as our Facebook, Instagram  and Twitter pages to find out more about past and future Friends of the Games appearances and see what else we’ve got up our sleeves.



Worldwide Events



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